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  • RSS Aggregators Make Online Reading More Efficient

    Are you looking for a more efficient and enjoyable way to accomplish your daily online reading? Perhaps it simply takes too long to find the informative blogs and articles on which you rely. Maybe it’s just too much of an inconvenience to toggle between several different tabs or windows. If you’re looking to streamline the […]

  • Need Some Place for Your RSS Feeds? Find a Reader First

    Have you heard about these newfangled RSS feeds that have been popping up all over the internet? They are everywhere. Every site now offers its content in RSS format. But every time I click on their RSS feed icon, it just spits me over to a page with a bunch of programming code on it. […]

  • The Internet Filed, Indexed, and Searchable

    Many people, when asked if they have ever used an RSS feed search aggregator, will pause, scratch their heads, shrug, and possibly offer a small smile of apology, much the same way you might shrug and smile when a foreign tourist asks you a long string of exuberant questions in their native tongue. You may […]

  • RSS Aggregators Collect All Your Online News in One Place

    The internet as a whole is way too vast, and frankly way too congested with mediocre and unreliable news sources, to surf various sites and scouring them for useful information. Your day is too busy, and your time is too limited for that kind of inefficient activity. What you need instead is an RSS feed […]

  • Improve Websites? Three Ways RSS Feeds Can be Used to Your Advantage

    RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary, although it is more commonly thought to mean Really Simple Syndication, has been around since 1995. This is pretty amazing once you consider that very few computer applications have made it to 2013, especially remaining more or less unchanged since their first couple years. Even email has undergone […]

  • RSS News Aggregator Is a Total Game Changer For How I Use the Internet

    I am an idiot. I have known about an RSS aggregator for years, but I never set my own up. However, I just did the other day, and my RSS news aggregator is a complete game changer. With my RSS feed aggregator, I no longer have to spend an hour wading through all of my […]

  • Reasons Website Owners use RSS Aggregators

    If you are a new website owner, it may seem impossible to get a blog, web page, or a website on the first page of specific search results in search engines. The good news is there are simple ways to increase online awareness for your website. Using a feed aggregator, for example, will help you […]

  • What an RSS Feed Aggregator Does and What it Should Do

    If you are a news lover, chances are you have heard of an RSS feed aggregator. With an RSS feed aggregator, you can organize, search, categorize, read and use news articles as if they were emails. For someone who has no choice, either because of passion or occupation, an RSS news aggregator helps you to […]

  • What Kind Of Computer System Do You Use?

    For a website like CNN RSS aggregators would be very helpful. Since news websites are often viewed on mobile devices, making sure that your news aggregator can properly read news websites is crucial. Since people are constantly on the go, they want to make sure they can get the same news they would get if […]

  • An RSS Aggregator Can Help You To Get Information Much Easier

    When you take advantage of an RSS aggregator, you will find that you can have all sorts of information that you need streamed right to your desktop, your email, or the piece of search aggregator software you make use of. This is good news because it means that you can count on an RSS aggregator […]