RSS News Aggregator Is a Total Game Changer For How I Use the Internet

I am an idiot. I have known about an RSS aggregator for years, but I never set my own up. However, I just did the other day, and my RSS news aggregator is a complete game changer.

With my RSS feed aggregator, I no longer have to spend an hour wading through all of my favorite websites to get to the content that I really want. My RSS aggregator packages all the headlines together in one efficient list. Plus, my RSS aggregator lets me know when there are new updates. In fact, at the time I write these words, I have 38 notifications. Cool, huh?

I always thought that they were really complicated, which is the reason why I never bothered jumping on the RSS aggregator fan camp. It was super easy, naturally. All I did was search for “RSS aggregator extension” and et voila. I added the extension part into the search because that acts as a literal extension of your web browser. My own RSS aggregator has a little icon right by the URL that I simply click to open a drop down menu with all of my new headline updates handily listed.

Once installed, I just plugged all of my favorite websites into the search function of the RSS aggregator and it found the necessary code to attach to itself. It was beyond easy. Setting it up took less than the time you have spent reading this. Seriously.

Who else uses an RSS aggregator? What are some of your favorite RSS aggregators? Does anyone not use them? Why or why not? Comment in the comments area with your experience and stories. Please, feel free to share your opinion on the Internet new function that totally changed the way we (or at least I) use the internet.