RSS Aggregators Collect All Your Online News in One Place

The internet as a whole is way too vast, and frankly way too congested with mediocre and unreliable news sources, to surf various sites and scouring them for useful information. Your day is too busy, and your time is too limited for that kind of inefficient activity.

What you need instead is an RSS feed aggregator, which serves as your own personal clearinghouse for the online news and news sources that matter to you. All you have to do is visit the website one of the numerous online RSS aggregators, such as Feedly, ChimpFeedr, and Rolio, and customize the page to incorporate feeds from your favorite and most trusted news sites.

From there you can organize each your feeds by type, view the latest articles that were added to your feeds, and add new feeds as you see fit. Many of these web applications, including Feedly, Rolio, and Pulse have corresponding smartphone apps, which allow you to continue to receive updated content even while you are out and about. These sites also give you the option view your aggregated feeds in a visually engaging magazine layout.

If you have additional questions about what to look for in an RSS feed aggregator, or tips about how to find RSS feeds for your favorite websites, check out the discussion below.