Improve Websites? Three Ways RSS Feeds Can be Used to Your Advantage

RSS, which stands for Rich Site Summary, although it is more commonly thought to mean Really Simple Syndication, has been around since 1995. This is pretty amazing once you consider that very few computer applications have made it to 2013, especially remaining more or less unchanged since their first couple years. Even email has undergone massive transformation. RSS existed even before Google! Today, there are many ways to make RSS aggregators work for you. Here are three ways to use them in order to make your life more organized and efficient.

1. News

A fairly common use of RSS feeds is to operate them as a sort of virtual delivery boy. When you subscribe to RSS news aggregators of your favorite news websites, whether they be Fox, CNN, or the New York Times, you will get all the latest timely updates, as fast as they are published and in one central location. This is an asset for people who like to stay on top of the news, without having to look through a newspaper. You can also get updates from popular media sites such as Youtube or Twitter.

2. Search function

It is easy to obtain your own RSS feed aggregator. One possible application is to use it to search through recent updates about things you are interested in. Looking for pug puppies up for adoption in your area? Use an RSS feed to check the latest pug updates from Craigslist and local shelters. Trying to find a new job? Use an RSS feed to check the latest postings from employers as soon as they appear.

3. Improve Websites

How can RSS aggregators be used to help your business or blog? Consider adding a visible RSS feed to pages users will land on. Especially with small businesses, content tends to become rather stagnant over time. RSS feeds give people somewhere else to go, something else to click on once they finish reading the page. They can help your pages appear a little more dynamic, timely and engaging. People can also subscribe to RSS feeds of your updates, enabling greater visibility for your posts.