What an RSS Feed Aggregator Does and What it Should Do

If you are a news lover, chances are you have heard of an RSS feed aggregator. With an RSS feed aggregator, you can organize, search, categorize, read and use news articles as if they were emails. For someone who has no choice, either because of passion or occupation, an RSS news aggregator helps you to sift through news stories as they pertain to you. Some of them even allow you to link chosen stories to your blog or social media.

Choosing between news aggregators will be important, since not all software or online RSS aggregators are created equal. There are certain key capabilities to keep in mind as you begin your search for the RSS feed aggregator that is right for you and your purposes.

Interface usability is number one on my list. The entire reason we turn to an RSS feed aggregator in the first place is to make the process of discerning pertinent news from our feeds a little easier. It makes no sense to buy an aggregator that does not ensure natural, familiar usability. I prefer the interfaces which resemble email servers.

The second thing to look for in a search aggregator is customizability. Your software should be easy to configure and even easier to use. If a potential aggregator does not offer complete control over labeling and organizing, then why bother?

The more intuitive the program, the better. Some aggregators adapt to your reading style and news preferences as you read. This can be extremely helpful when you are trying to search for an appropriate article, not only for a given purpose, but for your enjoyment as well.

You also may want to take into consideration diversity of abilities. Some programs will not only aggregate news, but blogs and social media posts too. The more functions, customizability, ease of use and intuition your RSS feed aggregator is capable of, the better investment it will become.